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There's nothing like family. Sometimes it's the comfort of knowing that somebody knows you, and cares about what you care about. Sometimes it's the rub and roil of differences that cause us to question who we are or what we do. But always there's the knowledge that they'll be there, that they'll give us the benefit of the doubt, even when we don't see eye to eye.

That's how it is with the Giggmohrs. Brothers from different mothers who found each other a long time ago, in the wide, wild world of bar bands, recording sessions and song writing. We recognized in each other a common ground, a common goal: to play, to write; to give something of ourselves in everything we do. On stage or in the studio. On the road or around the kitchen table. Brothers loving each other and what we do. Always searching for something more; for the next good rhyme, the next great gig, but also content to know that we have the strength of brotherhood and the commitment to our audience (and each other) to do the best we can. Every chance we get.    




We play a mix of Originals, Blues, Rhythm & Blues, 60’s rock, and Country. “American” music, what the Electric Flag used to call their music, is a pretty good term for what we play.  (not perfect, but “pretty good”)




Original Songs Covers
 Motor Running Way Down in The Hole   (Tom Waits)
 Bound High Heel Sneakers   (Rolling Stones)
 I Do Drives Me Crazy  (Fine Young Cannibals)
  Dead Flowers  (Rolling Stones)

Check out our Mustang Sally cover on YouTube

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